Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions for the SUBCARD® loyalty programme. We hope to have all your queries covered below.

(If you have a comment or compliment regarding a Subway® experience and not our loyalty programme, please use our online Customer Service form to provide feedback or make an enquiry.)

Where do I get a SUBCARD®?

You can get your traditional SUBCARD® card free from any participating Subway® Restaurant, simply ask for one at the time of your purchase.

You can also get a virtual SUBCARD® by downloading the Subway® App. Just:

  • text Subway to 5757 and follow the prompts, then enter the information requested to get a virtual card; or
  • if you have an iPhone, or Android phone, you can visit the app store and download (or update) the Subway® App on your mobile phone, then enter the information requested for the virtual card.

If you cannot download the Subway® App, then your phone may not be a supported model. Please visit and check the list of compatible phones.

I'm trying to log in but my Card Number / Access Code is not working.

We have a feature which allows you to change the 'Access Code' for security. This means when you log in you will no longer be able to use the 'Access Code' on the back of your card and must use the new code or password you specified at registration instead. If you have forgotten what this is please use the online password tool at or call us on 0800 78 22 73.

What are Reward Dollars and how many do I earn?

Rewards Dollars are our way of rewarding you for being a loyal Subway® customer. You will automatically earn Reward Dollars every time you make a purchase at a Subway® Restaurant and scan your SUBCARD® (either as a traditional SUBCARD® or using the barcode on the virtual card via the Subway® App). The actual value of the Reward Dollars you receive depends on the promotions currently running.The best way to see how many Reward Dollars you are getting is from your SUBCARD® receipt. You can also go online at to check your SUBCARD® Balance, or check your SUBCARD® Balance using the Subway® App.

If you are using a virtual card, don’t forget to take your mobile phone in to the store at the time of purchase.

What can I redeem my SUBCARD® Reward Dollars on?

Once you have reached a minimum balance of $3 Reward Dollars and your SUBCARD® has been registered, you can use this balance to purchase any item on the menu, and you can even use it to pay for part of your purchase transaction. Reward Dollars cannot be redeemed for cash.

Do my SUBCARD® Reward Dollars and credit on my account expire?

Reward Dollars will automatically expire 12 (twelve) months after the date that you earn them. Credit loaded onto your SUBCARD® account will automatically expire 12 (twelve) months after the date that you, or the person gifting you the credit, loaded the credit onto your SUBCARD®.

How do I know what my Reward Dollar or SUBCARD® Balance is?

Your SUBCARD® Balance and Reward Dollar Balance will be printed on your receipt each time you make a purchase at a Subway® Restaurant. You can also go online at to check your SUBCARD® Balance, or check your SUBCARD® Balance using the Subway® App.

I don’t have a virtual card; do I have to activate my traditional SUBCARD® card?

You don’t have to, but you cannot redeem Rewards Dollars if your traditional SUBCARD® card is not registered.

Registering your card also has the following benefits:

  • You will receive exclusive promotional offers, including by email and/or text message.
  • If your traditional SUBCARD® card is lost or stolen you can freeze the remaining balance on your old SUBCARD® card from the time that you report it to us.

Virtual cards issued using the Subway® App are automatically activated when you sign up.

What happens if my traditional card or my mobile phone containing my virtual card is lost or stolen?

If you lose your card or it is stolen, you can now freeze your balances by visiting or calling 0800 78 22 73. You must then visit a Subway® Restaurant to collect a brand-new card WITHOUT ANY TRANSACTIONS ON IT. Do not scan this card in store. Instead, when you have your new card number, return to and log back in using your current account and you can transfer your old balance and personal details to the new card by following the prompts.

Please note by clicking SUBMIT in the “LOST OR STOLEN” section of you agree to freeze your SUBCARD®. This action is not reversible and you will not be able to collect additional SUBCARD® Reward Dollars, redeem Rewards Dollars or SUBCARD® Balances (Gift or Top Up credit on your account) until you have returned to with your new BLANK card and number.

Provided your SUBCARD® was registered, we can freeze the remaining Reward Dollars / credit balance on your old SUBCARD® from the time that you report to us (by visiting or by calling 0800 78 22 73). Proof of identity may be required. Please treat the SUBCARD® as securely as you would with cash - as the crediting of a replacement SUBCARD® is at our sole discretion.

How do I transfer balances from more than one card onto a single card?

To transfer balances from more than one SUBCARD® onto a single SUBCARD® you will need to visit a Subway® restaurant and collect a brand new traditional card WITHOUT ANY TRANSACTIONS ON IT. Do not scan this traditional card in store. Instead return to when you have your new card number and you can transfer each of your SUBCARD® balances and registration details to the new card. Any changes you request will be completed within 48 hours.

I didn't have my card or mobile at time of purchase or there was a problem with my card or mobile, can I still get my Reward Dollars?

Unfortunately not, Reward Dollars cannot be added retrospectively.

What kind of mobile phone do I need to use the Subway® App and the virtual card?

The Subway® App (including the virtual card) is available on iPhone & Android phones.

You can text Subway to 5757 to see if your phone will support the Subway® App. Our technology will autodetect your phone type, and if your phone model is supported it will redirect you to a download facility, so that you can download the Subway® App. If you find that the download does not work, your phone may not be supported. Please check the list of compatible phones at

How do I use the virtual card?

Just swipe the electronic barcode over our in-store system. New scanners in store will be able to read both the 2D barcode on your phone and the traditional SUBCARD®.

You can load credit and earn Subway® Rewards Dollars on the virtual card just as you do with a traditional SUBCARD®.

Do I need to get a traditional SUBCARD® before I can use the virtual card?

No, you can use a virtual card without needing to have a traditional SUBCARD® first.

Can I keep my traditional SUBCARD® as well as a virtual card?

Yes, however in order to capture all of your customer history gathered from both the traditional card and the virtual card now and in the future, you will need to link your traditional SUBCARD® to your virtual card. Please follow the prompts on the Subway® App to do this.

Can I earn Rewards Dollars or load credit on my traditional SUBCARD®, and redeem it using the virtual card?

Yes, if you have linked your traditional SUBCARD® card to a virtual card, then you can earn, load and redeem with your virtual card just as you would have done with your traditional SUBCARD®. They will link to the same records, which are updated in real time.

What are the other benefits of the Subway® App?

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, and you have signed up to receive promotional offers to your mobile (exclusively for registered SUBCARD® users), then you will also be able to receive and redeem promotional vouchers using the virtual card by scanning the barcode voucher in-store.

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